Lies Captured on the Lens



Have you ever been watching a movie or a television show and just think that everything on the screen is a ridiculously unrealistic and exaggerated situations? Me too! So much so, that I will sit and just scream at the screen (yes, I’m one of those that talks during movies) against the lies and blasphemy it’s spewing. Here are 4 things that are not accurately portrayed on the boob tube or the big screen, specifically in regards to high school.

  1. Rico-Suave Status High School Boys 

Last time I checked, I have still yet to meet a college boy or recent post grad guy who not only has his shit together, but has moves smoother than Mario Lopez’s freshly waxed chest. Zach Morris wasn’t the standard, he was the exception. Also, most of the guys that play high school students are MUCH more developed than any guy that was in…

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