The Art Of LOVE

Everyone’s heart whelming words, “I do” and the world that makes their worlds turn around , which is great but honestly, when a lady says “I do” or when the guy says “I do” what are they really doing to?
First off, it’s a pretty big deal for a guy to settle down, for him to agree with himself that he has found, the one.  To be totally honest with you, I’ve wondered if there is anyone that would accept me just as I am, with all my faults, weaknesses but the realization that no one is perfect affirms the hope that there is someone out there searching for me, plus there’s a woman for every man right?
Guys are all about the partying, the lounging, the chilling, the laxing and dating…the commitment is a sign that a man has reached the age of maturity where he is confident that he is…

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