Conservation Awareness~ The Giant Panda



Conservation is the protection, preservation, management and restoration of natural habitats and the biodiversity that lives there, to prevent exhaustion or depletion of the resource and so keeping balance in the environment. Conservation always has had mixed reviews because people feel it’s inevitablethat species are going to die out, if it’s inevitable, why should we intervene? Usually species are becoming endangered because of humans, whether it’s directly or indirectly it can usually be found that humans have set the ball rolling for the demise of many of our species. Of course there are situations that haven’t been due to us, such as disease and natural disasters. Conserving species has human benefits; tourism increases, farmers need certain wildlife, and many people are dependent on natural resources. Conservation is by no means perfect, we are always learning and it constantly needs to be reviewed and improved.

Conservation is important to protect species from habitat destruction, poaching, genetic bottle…

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