A lifetime of waiting… rewarded


Snapshots by Sonya


I have waited my entire life, to be able to see the American Bald Eagle in the wild. Most people simply take Bald-Eagle-in-Tree-webfor granted that they are indigenous to their locale, and no longer are in awe by their presence. I was speechless this morning at the first site of this beautiful creature staring down at me. I had looked forward to today’s organized Photo Safari for weeks. I was starting to lose hope for successfully seeing Eagles as the fog gradually increased during my two hour drive to the location where several other photographers were to meet. But once I looked up, and saw my first Eagle, the adrenaline was pumping. No matter what type of weather conditions both I and my gear would have to work around, I was in the presence of a truly majestic creature, and worth waiting to finally see.



With complete lack…

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