832F- Alpha Female Wolf of the Lamar Canyon Pack Shot and Killed.


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“She is the most famous wolf in the world,” said Jimmy Jones, a wildlife photographer who lives in Los Angeles and whose portrait of 832F appears in the current issue of the magazine American Scientist. via New York Times

Yellowstone National Park’s most popular and favored wolf, valued by scientists who tracked her movements and loved by many tourists, was shot and killed on Thursday outside the park’s boundaries, Wyoming wildlife officials reported.
Did 832F have pups?

“The pack has at least four pups, two black and two gray, which were probably born about April 20. They make a great addition to the pack of nine, which also includes black 754M (brother of 755M), the gray 2-year-old females 776F and “Middle Gray,” and four yearlings (gray 820F, gray female, black male and black female). Unfortunately, the pack apparently lost a second black female yearling, who has not been seen…

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