Volcano Calbuco


Todd Landry

The initial ascent seems a bit uneventful with nicely manicured trail ways and little incline. That changes as you complete about and hour of of the hike and while the incline was still not much concern the ground cover now begs your constant attention as you tread your way upwards. A forested, almost jungle-like trail breaks open to an everlasting hardened volcanic flow. It’s easy to envision a red hot flow here merely 50 years earlier – the year I was born in fact. Then you disappear back into the forest, the trail narrows and turns with more regularity as it winds around trees that survived hundreds of years and emerging rock and volcano. Don’t blink or you will trip on something. Then again, and again, we cross gigantic volcanic rock – more hardened lava flows. After a couple hours the trail applies a more intensified angle of ascent and…

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